AMA #11 — Kristina & Milan

October 12, 2021 | Tags: , , , ,

AMA #11 — Kristina & Milan

If you’ve been following our project, you’ll know that over summer we launched the world’s first kickstarter for environmental projects, SEAstarter. And you will also have noticed that, through SEAstarter, we funded the first ever crypto-supported PhD — Kristina Loosen’s project tracking shark populations off the coast of South Africa.

This month, Kristina — who is now officially a scientific advisor to the SEA project — moved to Cape Town to start her PhD. She’s headed there with our conservation and crypto advisor Milan Jandik (they’re an item you know — Milina? Krilan? Mistina?) to set up and get things moving, so you can expect to see some big advances in the project soon!

So, for this week’s AMA we’re going to catch up with Kristina & Milan to find out what the move means for them, for shark research, and for SEA projects. The opportunities for SEA in that part of the world are huge, and from this point forward we have representatives working right there, in one of the most active and critical regions of ocean protection on the planet.

We’re already seeing the benefits of having people on the ground (and in the sea) in South Africa — we’re currently finalising arrangements for a SEA stand at the forthcoming Oceanhub Africa innovation event where SEA projects will meet with an audience of hundreds people working in ocean preservation!

So join us on our Twitch channel at 19:00 UTC on Wednesday, October 13th, to hear more about this exciting move forward not just for Kristina & Milan, but for SEA projects. And don’t forget to ask your questions on our Twitter in advance — there are prizes for the best questions, as always!

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