AMA 13 — Roadmaps & Flexibility

AMA 13 — Roadmaps & Flexibility

Our Telegram has been pretty lively over the past few days — mostly centered around questions of the project timeline, the roadmap, our goals, and what’s coming up next for SEA. So, we’re going to dedicate this week’s AMA to answering as many of those questions as we can.

If you’ve been tuning in over the last few weeks, you’ll know that we have some big developments coming up over the next couple of months, and you’ll also know that we’re limited in how much we can talk about them at this stage. It’s not a matter of protecting an idea, or keeping information back for hype. Our ideas are all out there already, we talk about them all the time, and the best hype of all will be when we break the news. The reason for the secrecy is simply that it would jeopardise the success of the changes we’re making if we talked about it now. There are multiple parties involved, and some of them require information to be released in very specific ways, to very specific schedules. Breaking those rules would threaten the relationships, and therefore the project.

So, as usual, we’ll be talking about upcoming project developments with a degree of fuzziness. But we can be very specific about some things — for example, we can talk openly about our processes in organising our project, how we build and maintain the roadmap, how we decide what to prioritise, and why timelines change. We can talk about what we’re building, and to a large extent how it works.

We feel very strongly that flexibility in our ideas as a new tech project is essential. A huge number of tech startups fail because the founder and/or team were reluctant to adapt their original concept to respond to clear signals. Becoming entrenched in the first sketch of your project can be a terminal mistake, and we intend to avoid it at all costs. So, roadmaps change. Dates move, and elements of the project plan are prioritised, whilst others are put on the back-burner. Such changes do not indicate a failing for a software or tech project — they are the sign of active and healthy project management, of reacting to changing conditions and new ideas, of making sure that your MVP, when it appears, is useful, relevant and current.

Tune in at 18:00 tonight on our Twitch channel to hear more about what’s coming up for SEA, how the roadmap has evolved, and what you can expect over the coming months.

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