AMA #3 — WeNaturalists

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AMA #3 — WeNaturalists

In a previous post about our AMA’s we talked about the importance of communication, of networks and open dialogue, in building effective strategies to fight climate change and address the plethora of problems threatening our planet. In the third episode of our weekly video AMA series, we’re very excited to give the chair over to a team who are working in exactly this area, and who are breaking new ground in creating networks for people working with nature. They’re bringing people together, enabling groups to collaborate and share information, and encouraging dialogue between people from different regions and fields of expertise. They’re called WeNaturalists, and you should check them out!

WeNaturalists is an ecosystem for people and organizations working in nature, around the world. It empowers the people of nature with customized tools and features. This nature network enables people to connect with their peers, explore new opportunities, collaborate on work and research, contribute to environmental causes, participate in global events, share knowledge, and learn new skills — all in one place.

From forest rangers to conservationists, wildlife photographers to researchers, nature guides to academicians, zoologists to media professionals, NGOs, and charities to businesses, educational institutes to the eco-tourism sector — everyone in this ecosystem is connected by their passion for nature and is exploring various ways to conserve, educate and contribute back to a nature-positive economy.

WeNaturalists is a space for all these individuals and organizations, beyond geographies or social construct. Founded by Amit Banka, WeNaturalists was launched in the last quarter of 2020 — it’s a manifestation of Amit’s love for nature and desire to create a better place for future generations. WeNaturalists is a multi-platform offering, with mobile and web applications, that brings everyone associated with nature together in one place.

Some cool features of the service:

  • Explore — Read global nature news and stories in one place
  • Network — Connect and collaborate with other nature professionals and also nature lovers
  • Circle — Your own invite-only gated community, manage members, operate & manage projects and communicate with specific audience within your own network.
  • Projects — Allows you to post and participate in Projects — Jobs, Assignments, Events, Training, Funding, Expeditions from across the globe
  • Causes — Read and participate in major causes about the environment and climate change and learn what is world doing about them

So what’s the future of WeNaturalists? The team is thinking big. Everyone associated with nature, professionals, and enthusiasts, will belong here. With WeNaturalists, these contributions will be recognized, amplified, and will inspire more people, locally and globally. More than 500 million people work with over 10 million organizations in the field of nature, conservation, and eco-tourism. Over 850 million people contribute to the causes of nature annually and this number is set to grow manifold with the increasing awareness in Gen Z and millennials. It’s currently hosting members from over 100 countries.

Overall, WeNaturalists is built with a philosophy to create a unified voice for nature, a digital space fuelling our coexistence with nature and, ultimately, an ecosystem that brings Nature to the centre-stage.

The AMA is at 17:00 UTC on Wednesday 18th August — founder Amit Banka will be live on our Twitch channel, so get your questions ready! The usual prizes for the best questions will be flying out, as well as the quiz at the end of the stream — so get involved!

For full info on the AMA’s, prizes and everything else, visit

See you on Wednesday!

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