Bycatch: The Fishing Industry’s Darkest Accident

There is an immense threat facing our ocean wildlife–one that we have the power to influence with our purchases. It’s no secret that the fishing industry is riddled with serious environmental and social challenges, whether it be ocean acidification caused by global warming, depletion of fish stock, plastic pollution, notorious human rights violations of fishermen […]

January 25, 2022 | Tags: , , , ,

Ocean Farming

It’s estimated that in the next 30 years we will have 10 billion mouths to feed. Agriculture is already being pushed to its limits and as a result, it is damaging our planet. Commercial farming is depleting our freshwater, degrading our soil, removing natural habitats and polluting our waters with pesticides and fertilisers. We are […]


In just a single second, 45 tourists have arrived at their destination. That amounts to 1.4 billion tourists in one year. The tourism industry is huge and often it impacts locations that have both outstanding natural beauty and poor infrastructure in place. Tourists deplete the local resources and result in waste which often can’t be well […]

AMA #22 Plastic Gyres

Did you know that our oceans are home to 5 giant islands of floating plastic? These 5 ‘gyres’ used to be big rotating currents of clear, salty water. Unfortunately, the circulating ocean waters have drawn in the pollution from the coasts and surrounding ocean, resulting in patches of concentrated marine debris. Today, the gyres resemble a […]