AMA #11 — Kristina & Milan

AMA #11 — Kristina & Milan If you’ve been following our project, you’ll know that over summer we launched the world’s first kickstarter for environmental projects, SEAstarter. And you will also have noticed that, through SEAstarter, we funded the first ever crypto-supported PhD — Kristina Loosen’s project tracking shark populations off the coast of South Africa. This month, Kristina — who is now […]

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AMA #10 — SEA Ecosystem

AMA #10 — SEA Ecosystem This week on our livestream series, the SEA team will be talking about our product ecosystem — the SEA network. This encompasses our apps, our token, our partner organisations, and the forthcoming implementation of our main mission — environmental data on blockchain. Can data save us? It’s a hot topic right now. Science is increasingly relying […]

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