The Big Reveal

Back in September this year, we started talking about something big on the horizon — something we couldn’t reveal to much about, something that would transform our project in an explosive way. Since then, it seems like every AMA, every blog post has craftily skirted around a big blank space where some important information should be — we’re sure you’ve noticed!

Well, we’re insanely excited (and quite relieved) to be able to finally pull the covers off that secret.

If you’ve followed our project for any time at all, you’ll know how important sustainability is to us. We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, and for ways that our technology can help humanity become more sustainable. That’s why we’ve decided to build the SEA Nexus, our groundbreaking suite of apps, AIs and APIs, on the Algorand blockchain. Designed with the planet in mind from the start, Algorand is one of the most (if not the most) energy-efficient chain on the planet; and factoring in their partnership with ClimateTrade they’re the world’s first carbon negative blockchain. For more information on the Algorand ecosystem, and to check out some of the amazing projects developing there, visit the Algorand dev site.

“When you think of blockchain as a core infrastructure, applications such as SEA Nexus being built on Algorand can automatically inherit the carbon negative footprint of our network. We welcome SEA Nexus to the Algorand ecosystem and look forward to this exciting partnership” — those are the words of Sean Lee, CEO of the Algorand Foundation.

SEA and Algorand is a match made in heaven — an opinion which is shared by the Algorand Foundation, who have awarded SEA with a development grant of $200,000 in recognition of the groundbreaking potential of the SEA Nexus. This is obviously transformative for our project — it means we can accelerate the development of the SEA Nexus, widen our network of partners and contributors, be more ambitious with our ideas, and make sure that the SEA project reaches as many people as possible.

Details, we need details! Ok, let’s get into it.

The SEA Nexus, our vision for a unified global network of environmental monitoring, is being built on Algorand. Users of the Nexus will be rewarded for supplying accurate data — those rewards will come in the form of a new ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) token, called VSEA. This new token will form the lifeblood of the SEA Nexus, flowing through the ecosystem, rewarding users, funding SEAstarter projects, and providing investors with excellent ROI alongside positive environmental impact. VSEA will launch in early 2022, with multiplatform IEOs on some of the biggest Tier 1 exchanges around, as well as a multiple DEX launches.

We’re launching a beautiful new microsite for the SEA Nexus — check it out:

For existing holders — SEA BSC is alive and well, and we intend to keep it that way! This is not a token migration, VSEA will not replace SEA. In fact, we anticipate that the launch of the SEA Nexus on Algorand (and the VSEA token) will enrich SEA BSC, bringing all kinds of new possibilities for holders to get involved with the Nexus, and to be rewarded for their long term support.

First up, all SEA BSC holders will have the opportunity to stake their SEA, and receive an 1:1 airdrop of VSEA. You’ll receive the same number of VSEA as you have SEA, and what’s more — you won’t lose your SEA! You’ll lock it up for 1 month, then it will release in a linear pattern over 2 more months. Three months after you receive your VSEA airdrop, your SEA will be back in your wallet. And once you have your SEA back, you’ll have the option to stake it again, to earn more VSEA.

Just as Algorand is the perfect platform for environmental projects, BSC is the perfect platform for community. SEA token, with its donation mechanisms and holder rewards, is made for BSC. As our project grows, we’re going to focus more resources into SEA BSC, building new and profitable ways for SEA BSC holders to interact with VSEA, revealing exciting new use cases including NFT collections, immersive VR ocean education apps, sustainable merch marketplaces and more.

Also for existing holders: you guys rock. You know it, and we know it. But to make sure you know we know it, we want to give you some extra rewards. We’ve taken a snapshot of all existing holders, and we’re going to allocate places on our alpha and beta testing programs based on how many tokens you’re holding. Big holders — you’re going to be alpha testers of the SEA Nexus, and you’ll qualify for special VSEA reward levels. All other holders (other than dust wallets), you’ll get access to the beta test phase, also with special VSEA reward levels. We’re working all this out — the thresholds, the reward levels etc — and we’ll let you know asap.

So, the main takeaways:

  1. The SEA Nexus will be built on Algorand blockchain, with a grant of $200,000 from the Algorand Foundation
  2. We’re launching a new token, VSEA, to power the Nexus
  3. SEA BSC is alive and well, and will continue to thrive on BSC
  4. SEA BSC holders will be rewarded with an airdrop, staking rewards, and a (potentially lucrative) place on our alpha and beta programs

This is a huge step forward for SEA, for our team, for the Nexus project, and for you, our community. We want to thank all of you for sticking with us through the mysterious hints of the last few months, and we hope you agree that it’s worth the wait! The next few months will bring more exciting developments, exponential growth of our project, and the answering of many questions, which you no doubt have. Head over to our Discord and Telegram to get involved!

And of course, join us on our weekly video livestream tonight, where we’ll be talking about the grant, Algorand blockchain, the Nexus, VSEA token and the new horizons for SEA projects! We’ll be live on Twitch at 16:30 UTC.

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